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Shipping container house

Steel structure is mainly composed of steel column, steel beam, steel frame and the rigid support, so steel structure component volume is larger. Its main export transportation way is:

1. 40' open top container
Usually, after customers placing orders, our engineering department will arrange steel structure component shipping according to the 40 'HQ and 40' open top cabinet internal shipment size. In most cases, we use 40 'HQ and 40 open top container shipping container to deliver steel structures components.
As shown in figure 1, 2, 3

1 2 3

In some special circumstances, some large construction size is beyond internal dimensions of 40 'HQ and 40' open top containers. We suggest customer use trucks, flatbed trailer or other vehicles to carry large construction components to the pier, then lift them to big ship, thus customer should book ships. We will cooperate with customers to provide accurate structure size and weight, so as to order reasonable shipping space.
As shown in figure 4, 5, 6 (Russia engineering)


4 5 6

Note: When the components are shipped to the site, due to transport various reasons, there may be deformation of components (typically bending, damage to the paint film, etc.). The deformation can be corrected on the scene. Now correction method is generally divided into cold straightening and hot straightening.
For bending components, oil pump mechanical gagging can be used, so as blaze (Generally, C2H2 and pure oxygen mixture) used in thermal correction. After deformation correct, if there is paint film damage on the component, it must be processing repaired.


7 8 9