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Foshan Shengbang Steel Structure Co., Ltd.
    Shengbang Steel Structure Co., Ltd. (for short "SBS") is a fast developing enterprise integrating marketing, design, development, manufacturing and construction. SBS has been approved and certified by international ISO9001: 2008 quality management system, and SGS factory system. SBS prefabricated building is a new type environmental friendly product that adopts steel structure as frames, various plates and panels as surrounding protection system, high strength bolts as component connection. The prefabricated house is mainly used a
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  • A We say that the environment of life is built by the building. As a new type of architecture, the steel structure is very popular among the real estate, the construction industry and the metallurgical ...
  • A As a structure made of steel material, Foshan steel structure is composed of steel material, the steel structure is easy to corrode and the steel structure is refractory. So in the process of use, the...
  • A Steel staircase in commercial and civil buildings, Foshan steel staircase has many advantages, such as small footprint, beautiful shape, strong practicability, quick construction and short constructio...
  • A Strong and safe features make more steel structures in Foshan now used in factories, warehouses or other buildings. Today Xiaobian will tell you how the steel structure is built in the workshop.The st...
  • A Steel structures are widely used in buildings, large factories, stadiums, super high-rise buildings, etc.. The surface of the steel material is hot-dip galvanized and fluorocarbon spraying, which is d...
  • A With the pace of China's urbanization is speeding up, the future of steel structure building will have a broad space for development, the development of new varieties of steel, to meet the market dema...
  • A More and more builders, developers and owners begin to understand and feel the superiority of steel structure housing. Steel is still one of the most durable, durable and economical building materials...
  • A Steel structure is a structure made of steel material, and is one of the main types of building structures. The structure is mainly composed of steel beams and steel plates, such as steel beams, steel...
  • A Guangzhou steel construction terminology1 strength: the ability of components, sections, materials, or connections to resist damage. Strength calculation is the calculation to prevent structural membe...
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    A Steel structure is one of the common structural forms in modern architectural engineering. At the end of the nineteenth Century, China began to adopt modern steel structure. After the founding of new ...
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